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Re: The config script in Debconf

Rodrigo Tavares wrote:

I made a structure debconf package, and build deb.
I'm testing the debconf and yours templates.
Follow the guide's debconf, i just read the script
config is executed before the package has been
installed. When I run this script not happen.
I just configure the debconf use dialog. I think the
window with a question must come in screen. But it's
not happen. Somebody, can to help me ?

You may get a better response from the debian-mentors mailing list as this is a beginner type packaging question.

That said:

db_input medium foo/like_debian || true
        db_input high foo/why_debian_is_great || true

These two questions have different priorities. You will see a different set of questions depending on what you have set your debconf priority to. I think you will always see the second question but the first you may not.

Secondly, the question may be cached. Try running dpkg-reconfigure <your package name>. You can add a -p argument to dpkg-reconfigure to force your debconf priority (eg. -p high to see only high questions). Default is 'low'.

Jon Dowland

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