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Re: Debian Women Wiki (was: No Config-Files state even though postrm purge failed while purging an installed package?)


On 10/2/06, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> wrote:
PD: Notice that I'm not implying that a wiki is not a good resource for a OSS
documentation system (my opinion is quite the opposite), I'm just saying that
writting up documentation in two different wikis, at people.debian.org, at
people's blogs and what not is not the best way for us (as a group) to
provide documentation to our users.

I made the diagrams as part of my NM process.  I did not make them so
that they became standard Debian documentation.  After I made them, I
put them in the D-W wiki, because I felt comfortable putting them
there, and other people started looking at them... They even helped
fixing a bug in dpkg.

If you think they are useful, by all means go ahead and put them
somewhere else.  It's free documentation, you can do with it whatever
you like.

I do not feel that it is my duty to put these diagrams in the main
Debian wiki, just because I made them.


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