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helpdesk@debian.org (WAS: Re: Simpleminded members better than abusive members)

Good evening, 

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 08:37:55PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Try filing better bug reports instead. 

Since this is an ongoing problem, how about the following:

Please consider:

1) Endusers and bugreports often do not mix well.
2) Developers and 'Stupid Bugreports' often do not mix well. 

Putting a third entity between those two groups could be the sollution
to this. 

What could be possible if Debian had an official Helpdesk Department?
* End-Users could ask *any* question and actually get a nice answer. 
* End-Users can report bugs, but these are first checked by helpdeskers,
  before they are commited.
* Bugreports would end up more specific and detailed
* Developers would only have to communicate with Knowledgeable Helpdesk
* Developers: more time to develop. None wasted on useless bugreports.
* Knowledgeable Users can easily become part of the official
  project as Helpdesker. No (or limited) packaging skills required!
* If this is done right and proper, this may actually attract new users,
  without new problems.
* Solving a problem as old as free software development.

What might a good helpdesk need?
* Good software (Request Tracker anyone?)
* Skilled Debian Users
* Management 
* An official place in the Debian Hierarchy?

Tis just an idea, and it may have it's do's and don't's, so please:
what are the general thoughts on this?

/me ducks

Maarten Verwijs <maarten@projectie.com>

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