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Re: Desktop task(sel) in Etch? (Bug #389092)

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> FYI, the three current desktop tasks (desktop, gnome-desktop,
> kde-desktop) won't fit entirely in the first CD. They fit in DVD1
> though. My proposal is generate:
> Debian GNOME Desktop CD (installs by default desktop and gnome-desktop 
> tasks)
> Debian KDE Desktop CD (installs by default desktop and kde-desktop tasks)
> Debian XFCE Desktop CD (xfce-desktop wasn't added yet but is in my
> tasksel' branch)
> Debian regular CDs
> Debian regular DVDs

So, that deals with the full CDs, but what about netinst CDs,
businesscards, and DVDs? Especially for DVDs, having one per desktop
won't really work.

> Do we need more than just work on debian-cd for this?

I think that a kde desktop CD could be created with only minor changes
to debian-cd.

see shy jo

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