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Re: Desktop task(sel) in Etch? (Bug #389092)

[Christoph Haas]
> Currently the way to install KDE is to provide the option
> "tasksel/first=kde-desktop" when booting the Etch installer CD. No
> user will guess that.

Ah, is that how it is done.  Thank you for the clue.  It should be
mentioned in the documentation available on F2-10 when the CD boot.

In Debian Edu, we use KDE.  The choice was mostly because of the
availability of translation for the languages we care about, but also
because the KDE tools were (and are) very good and well integrated.

Perhaps someone should wrap up a separate set of CDs with KDE as the
default desktop?  It should not be too hard.  Debian/Gnome and
Debian/KDE could exist side by side.

I can perfectly understand the d-i and debian-cd teams unwillingness
to dive into the desktop selection discussion.  But on the other hand
one is already taking side in the discussion by keeping gnome as the

Anyway, I believe the users of KDE need to work on improving the
default KDE desktop and make it easily available (for example by
making a KDE version of the Debian CD), and then let the users choose
which desktop they prefer.

> What I would expect at least: Rename the task from "Desktop" to
> "Desktop (Gnome)" so more experienced users know what's coming up.

Good idea.

> What I would prefer: Tasks for Gnome, KDE and optionally Xfce (for
> the less resource-fortunate).

I believe it is a bad idea to increase the cognitive strain on new
users by adding more options to the task lists.  Most new users do not
have any opinion, and should thus not be forced to choose between
Gnome and KDE.  They rightfully expect us to choose for them, and we
should.  Though I am unhappy with the Gnome choice selected by the
tasksel maintainer, I agree that such choice must be made for the
default installation system, to avoid confusing new users

Petter Reinholdtsen

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