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Re: new mplayer

Yavor Doganov <yavor@doganov.org> writes:

> I was wondering, what's so important about mplayer?  With totem and
> vlc (and I anticipate there's something similar for KDE) you have
> everything you need.  I've never tried mplayer and I don't know how it
> looks or what it does, so that's just my uneducated guess.

Mplayer is important for a couple of reasons. A really lot of modern
video and audio formats is supported by ffmpeg, which is already in
debian. There is a big overlap of mplayer and ffmpeg developers, and
mplayer tracks ffmpeg development very closely.

It is hard for outsiders to understand why mplayer is (supposely) not
acceptable for debian, while xine, vlc, and even ffmpeg have been in
debian for a very long time. Mplayer is great and free software, and
really pushes development for free (as in speach) modern multimedia
codecs. I think it would be a great win to have mplayer in debian.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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