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Re: Why not only support Sid and Testing?

Le mardi 12 septembre 2006 à 07:23 -0600, Joseph Smidt a écrit :
> At the risk of repeating myself, Desktop Users: For most non-server
> minded people who still want a stable OS, Debian takes too long to
> release.  On top of that,many of them want a "As easy aw Windows"
> distro. I don't know that Debian will provide that as well as Ubuntu,
> unless we want to alter many aspects of the project, like how often we
> release.

And I don't agree, even for Desktop Users. I think you're talking
"desktop tweakers". Two examples:
 - My wife at home likes Debian, she likes the entire FOSS concept etc.
   Yet, she wants hates it when tiny little subtle changes in her
   desktop or applications get in her way and require her to learn again
   that "this entry has moved to another menu" etc. Even if it happens
   every 3 months, it just gets on her nerves. When it does, she
   wants to kill me, and since I want to live, we run stable.
 - At work: the employees, including the sysadmin, should do something
   else with their time that getting back on tracks a system that was
   running fine the day before (even if it's only every three months or
   so). Sure, occasionally I need a more recent version of a software,
   then I can get a backport or compile it from source, takes half a day
   in the tricky cases. Of course I'm running an older version of SuSE
   at work, and it's not so great for backports. I'd much rather have a
   Debian stable, updated to the new stable each time it comes out.

Sure, once in a while I install a more experimental system at home, or
play enough with my stable system to get it to fail, or buy esoteric
hardware, and I like the thrill I get and the skills I develop. I'm just
a natural puzzle solver. Still, I do that out of mission-critical and
family range.

One side-note on the stress caused by freezes: I haven't been much
involved in Debian development so far, but from my viewpoint, this phase
is tremendously useful for keeping the entire distribution in shape,
with clearly defined goals, RC bug-squashing, removing obsolete and
unmaintained packages etc.

Regards, Thibaut.

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