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Re: udev upgrade lead to an unbootable debian unstable

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From: Ruben <charmender@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 12, 2006 7:05 PM
Subject: Re: udev upgrade lead to an unbootable debian unstable
To: tony mancill <tmancill@debian.org>

I haven't worked with Knoppix much, but the general idea is to boot from
Knoppix, mount your root filesystem /somewhere, and then change root  to
something like:

        chroot /somewhere bash

At that point, any dpkg operations will be relative to /somewhere instead of
relative to the Knoppix root.

Excellent. That was just what I needed at that moment. I did:

chroot /media/hda1/ bash
aptitude update
aptitude install udev (because I had it purged earlier... X-P)
aptitude upgrade

After that I rebooted, and... *insert rofl of joy* debian booted all
the way into Gnome.

Then I did that script from the new sysv package to reinstall programs
in /etc/init.d and now everything seems back to normal again (except
hostap_cs module and wlan0 interface not getting loaded anymore, but
that's easy for me to fix). Thinks like these look much simpler in
hindsight than they do when first faced with.

Many thanks, guys.


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