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udev upgrade lead to an unbootable debian unstable

I'm sorry if this is a somewhat inappropriate place to post this, but
I didn't get any usable help in the user list and I'm approaching a
state of despair ._.

I'll give a sequence of events (debian unstable on a
Thinkpad T20):

I recently did an aptitude upgrade, which upgraded udev to version
0.100-1. After the next reboot many modules were not loaded and X
would not start because my mouse device was missing. I guess there
were probably more devices missing as well.

I then decided to try to downgrade udev to the previous version, so I did:

dpkg -P --force-depends udev
dpkg -i udev_0.098-2_i386.deb

...which failed like so:

Setting up udev (0.098-2) ...
Populating the new /dev/filesystem temporarily mounted on /tmp/udev.g0Q1Bs/ ...
ln: creating symbolic link '/tmp/udev.g0Q1Bs/.static/dev/initctl' to
'/dev/.static/dev/.static/dev/initctl': No such file or directory
mount: special device /dev/pts does not exist
dpkg: error processing udev (--install)
subprocess post-installation script returned exit status 32
Errors were encountered while processing:

Trying to reinstall udev 0.100-1 resulted in the same failure.

Now, two or three reboots later (the only thing I did with any
possible significance was: update-initramfs -u (dumb?)), I can't boot
at all anymore because it times out at: "waiting for root
filesystem... ..." I tried booting single user also, but that made no

If someone please help me out here, I'd be verrrry grateful (before,
at the end of this week, I lose my internet connection for a few
months). I have a knoppix CD through which I can access all the files
on the hard drive. All this might have something to do with the
update-rc.d bug
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=386500), but it
seems too complex for me to know what's applicable to my situation.


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