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Re: Request to mailing list Pkg-qof-maintainers rejected

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:26:52 +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst <thijs@debian.org> said: 

> On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 11:48 +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> > has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
>> > following reason for rejecting your request:
>> >
>> > "No reason given"

>> Any maintainer doing such a braindead stupid thing - do not wonder
>> if I reject your package without any comment in the future.  The
>> maintainer address has to be open to receive mail. It is fucking
>> annyoing already that the damn "Your post needs a moderator"
>> messages get back, rejecting legal mail is even worse.

> Surely, you've *never* pressed or clicked the wrong button.

        Why are you even in a position that such mistakes are
 possible? Why is the recipient of the foo@packages.debian.org
 moderated at all?

> It would really help if people assumed that their fellow developers
> are in good faith, and that something that seems unacceptable is
> just an honest mistake until proven otherwise. Like this, or like
> the "BTS wars" mails also of today.

        It can be stupid and inappropriate as well as an honest
 mistake, and the  former characteristics lead to the reaction.

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