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Re: Request to mailing list Pkg-qof-maintainers rejected

Le lun 11 septembre 2006 15:36, Tollef Fog Heen a écrit :
> * Pierre Habouzit
> | I've already stated it, and I do it again: I do consider ok that
> | the Maintainer field of some co-maintained package is a list, that
> | really makes sense, but *that* list should never ever use
> | sender-based moderation.
> Does this mean you don't consider using debian-apache@lists.d.o
> as the maintainer of the apache packages appropriate?

I don't know, afaict, debian-apache does not block legitimate mails. so 
I've nothing against it.

but such a list should not:
 * use filtering techniques that refuses legitimate mail
 * moderation mails (that the user always understand as "your mail has
   been stuck in some /dev/null moderation queue)
 * ...

the same is indeed true for any address in the Maintainer: field of a 
package, because it's a duty that such an address work.
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