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Re: potential mass bug filing: sysvinit dependency

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2006.09.05.1614 +0200]:
> invoke-rc.d is a maintainer script compatibility layer to
> interface to the initscript subsystem (that happens to guarantee
> some functionality that some initscript subsystems don't provide
> natively while at it).
> If that layer doesn't allow for everything we need, then it is
> time to revise it, of course.  Just like it is well past time to
> fix the update-rc.d crap.

I am going to retreat now to my cave and ponder on how this could be
done. Need to understand upstart better.

I appreciate anyone interested in helping out. Co-maintainers more
than welcome!

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