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Re: potential mass bug filing: sysvinit dependency

On Tue, 05 Sep 2006, martin f krafft wrote:
> Here is the list of packages that depend on sysvinit. For packages
> marked with (*), I already have the maintainers' consent.
>   sysv-rc-conf

This one needs to depend on sysv-like link farm functionality (as opposed
to, say, file-rc style).  If upstart provides symlinks, then we need a
virtual package.  If it doesn't, sysv-rc-conf needs to keep depending on

> If there are cases when the dependency cannot be removed, we ought
> to consider introducing a new virtual package for init daemons.

Virtual packages are for interfaces, so if anyone needs the sysv initscript
interface and we start supporting something else (we don't right now, but
runit would benefit from it), we need a virtual package for that (one which
right now *all* packages with initscripts would have to depend upon).  If
anyone needs the sysv symlink farm interface, and more than one package
provides it, we will need another virtual package for that, etc.

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