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Proposal for virtual package 'stardict' and 'stardict-dictdata'

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Dear stardict, sdcv maintainers and other developers,

I wish to make stardict support better in Debian.

Anthony Wong wrote:
> > Perhaps we can create a virtual package called 'stardict' and lets
> > stardict-gtk and stardict-gnome 'Provides' it.

Currently we have these source packages related to stardict:
- - stardict: It is just a reader, it doesn't provide any dictionary
  data, we current have version 2.4.7 in sid and it builds three binary
  packages: stardict, stardict-common, stardict-tools
- - stardic: It is an older version(1.3.x) of stardict and almost
  obsolete, but it contains a useful English to Chinese dictionary.
- - sdcv: The full name of sdcv is 'stardict console version'

What I have done:
The upstream of stardict made a split on version 2.4.8, so the
stardict-tools become an independent package. And bug#328649 request
for providing a binary package without gnome library dependence. So I
have made these NMU changes for stardict and stardict-tools(they have
been sponsored, will be in NEW soon):
- - Upgrade to stardict 2.4.8(Closes:#361667, #379697)
- - Split stardict package, and make it builds: stardict, stardict-common
  and stardict-gtk(Closes:#328649)
- - Create stardict-tools source package

What I wish to do:
- - Rename stardict to 'stardict-gnome'.
- - Create a virtual package called 'stardict'.
- - Make stardict-gnome, stardict-gtk Provides 'stardict'.
- - Rename sdcv(currently still in 2.4.2) to stardict-console, make it
  Provides 'stardict' until the upsteam release the same version
  of stardict(new version supports more dictdata formats).
- - Dump stardic's free dictionary data and package it for stardict, and
  might call it 'stardict-xdict-eng-chi' and make it Provides
  'stardict-dictdata'(Closes:#280286, #292908), and make
  'stardict-dictdata' Recommends 'stardict' each other.
- - I'd remove stardic from archive. And possibly create more
  stardict-dictdata packages.

So now I made this proposal, please give me your comments, in the
meantime, I am filing a wishlist bug against the package debian-policy
to request the 'stardict' and 'stardict-dictdata' virtual packages.

Thanks for reading my email, I am not on the list, please cc me.


- -Andrew
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