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Re: User feedback -post installation and after-week survey?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 10:31:02 +0200
"Mgr. Peter Tuharsky" <tuharsky@misbb.sk> wrote:

> Howabout some form -user could be navigated to some basic webpage
> where  he could answer some simple questions? Not too many questions
> (optimally  5-8?), preferably pre-answered (by some selection box), of
> course with  possibility to add non-default answer for us to be able
> to extend the  possible answers cathegories..
> If user wished to add more feedback, he could have an option, at the
> end  of the basic form, of some "more feedback, if U wish" extended
> form.
> Sample questions: "What have been the most difficult part of 
> installation for You" (disk partitioning, language selection,...),
> "What  have caused it (unsufficient help, nonintuitive, too technical
> questions).
> User should be asked, whether will he participate on some short 
> "survey-after-week-of-using-Debian". If he agreed (let's joke: agreed
> or  not ;oD
> he will be asked automatically after week, by opening some simple and 
> polite application or applet on his desktop, about his impression of 
> Debian. If proceed, again could open some web form or so. Again, what 
> pleases him now (amount of software, ease of setup, everything just 
> works, desktop design, etc...) and what he dislikes (cannot connect my
> cellular phone, Infra not working, Xsane demands root privilegues but 
> complains if he is given them, etc)
> These questions could be structured in the way, that user could pair 
> them. For example, he has a question. In left selection rollup-button
> he  could select WHAT and in second he could select WHY. Example:
> What is the worst problem for You with Debian?
> <left button options>
> Printer setup
> Localisation
> Removable devices support
> Instant messaging
> Multimedia
> ...
> <right button options>
> Insufficient helper
> Lack of applications
> Lack of functionality
> ...
> And so on. Is something like that being worked on?

I have no idea.
> As I look at this concept, I feel one half of problems should be 
> identified even in the very process of creating questions and possible
> answers for the initial and after-week survey :-)
> Well, I'm starting to like the idea so I try to open a new thread ;o)

Although this is a nice idea, the problem with these questionnaires is
that the answers are in a bucket and the accurate answer is not
available for this person.

I think the biggest hurdle that the user faces is the possibility that
they might have to learn something about their computer along the way.
This probably taints their expectation of the system as a whole.

The more savvy computer users are probably system admins who are way too
busy to take the time to fill out a bug report, let alone a 'how does
this distro please you' form.

It's a nice idea, but I wouldn't put too much on the results. A shorter
simple question like 'If you could change one thing, and one thing only,
what would that be' open question might be more reliable.

As for the applet idea, that would annoy me no end, they pop up at the
most inconvenient times.

Regards, Ed                      :: http://www.usenix.org.uk
just another perl person
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