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Re: One non-DD's thoughts on dfsg-freeness and firmware

On Aug 27, Daniel Dickinson <cshore@wightman.ca> wrote:

> I know previously I said I thought that firmware didn't matter for
> freeness, but I've been convinced by the arguments here that I was
> wrong.  Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that as a user (who
> hopes to get time to contribute, maybe even eventually as a DD), that
> I chose Debian because of the Social Contract, and DFSG-freeness.  I
> would rather have to watch what hardware I by then lose the benefits
> of software freedom.
So you clearly show to not understand the issue: almost every piece of
hardware uses a non-free firmware. Either uploaded after power-on or
semi-permanently stored on it.
And anyway, what does this have to do with debian-devel@?


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