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Re: debconf and substitution of non-translated text

> A package name should be treated as a literal, of course, regardless of
> language.  While in some languages the particulars of a package name may
> trigger inflection of surrounding words, we've been using this form for PHP
> debconf templates for years now and I haven't had any complaints from
> translators (or users) so far.

Yeah, I see sean's actions in dbconfig-common mostly
correct. Otherwise, I would have warned him already (I helped
rewording the debconf templates to fit my personal fascist way of
wording debconf templates).

Theoretically, even there we could have problems. But minor, indeed.

For instance, in French, translating this:

The configuration of ${pkg} will be changed


La configuration de ${pkg} sera modifiée.

If pkg=mysql, this becomes:

La configuration de mysql sera modifiée.

But, if pkg=apache, this becomes:

La configuration de apache sera modifiée.

While it should be:

La configuration d'apache sera modifiée.

So, indeed, there may be situations where substituting package names can
lead to slightly incorrect translations. However, I think that we can
live with it when we consider the benefits of DB_SUBST.

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