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Re: debconf and substitution of non-translated text

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 09:05:38AM +0200, sean finney wrote:
> i have a package (dbconfig-common), which via debconf's register
> system shares a set of pre-defined templates between any number of
> packages that use it.  to customize these questions and make them
> as generic as possible for translators, i make fairly widespread
> use of db_subst.  for example, you might have:

> Template: dbconfig-common/dbconfig-install
> ...
> _Description: Configure database for ${pkg} with dbconfig-common?
> ...

> now the question i have, being one whose charset-fu is not all it
> ought to be:  what happens when i use db_subst with arbitrary
> text defined outside of a template?  for example, ${pkg} is
> the package name, which is passed as an argument by the packager
> to the hook function in the maintainer scripts.

A package name should be treated as a literal, of course, regardless of
language.  While in some languages the particulars of a package name may
trigger inflection of surrounding words, we've been using this form for PHP
debconf templates for years now and I haven't had any complaints from
translators (or users) so far.

Substitutions other than package names and filenames are probably a bad idea

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