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Re: dpkg doing wrong math (0.09 = 0.9) ?-

* Lionel Elie Mamane:

> Well, I have found one. Myself. You just have to interpret the part
> after the second point as the integer part of an infinitesimal:
>  Let ε be an infinitesimal, that is a strictly positive number
>  (that is ε > 0) smaller than any strictly positive real number
>  (that is ∀ n ∈ ℕ, n>0 implies ε < 1/n ).

Such a number does not exist because every set of reals which has a
lower bound has a real number as its infimum.

(Of course, such arithmetic structures can be defined, but it's a lot
more involved than that.)

> Then the version number x.y.z is interpreted as:
>  x.y + z * ε
> (And a.b.c.d is interpreted as a.b + c.d * ε)

In this context, it does not make much sense to allow only
non-negative integers for z, so your interpretation is anything but
natural and as good as any other total odering.

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