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dpkg doing wrong math (0.09 = 0.9) ?- [was: dak now supports ~ in version numbers]

Florian Weimer wrote:
> * martin f. krafft:
>> Thanks to the work of our DPL Anthony "aj" Towns (and all the other
>> people who have worked on this without my knowledge), I am happy to
>> announce that dak, our archive management software, finally supports
>> the use of the tilde ('~') in version numbers.
> Should we really start using this feature even though it violates
> section 5.6.12 of the Policy?

It's great to see '~' support finally coming to dak, if only the
announcement happened a few months earlier I would have used it in one
of my packages initially. It was a 0.1 prerelease (being pretty stable
though), so I called it 0.09+0.1.svn.
Reading this announcement I thought, great and wanted to start using
'~', only to discover that dpkg believes that 0.09+0.1.svn > 0.1~svn.
I have to admit that when choosing 0.09+0.1 as version number I didn't
check with dpkg --compare-versions because then I would have discovered
that "dpkg --compare-versions '0.09' '=' '0.9'" yields true, which I
think is rather odd, because it means that now all version numbers up to
0.9 will be considered < 0.09+0.1.

So, what should I do now:
1.) Wait for a 0.10 release. I think my users wouldn't be happy ;-)
2.) Use an epoch.
3.) File a bug report against dpkg.

If it's not a bug in dpkg, could someone please elaborate on the
reasoning of this behaviour. I'd be grateful for any comments and replies.


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