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Re: Packaging software which does not use autotools

On 2006-08-20 20:00:57, Guillem Jover wrote:

If the current build system supports those arches, and yours does
You can hardly call it the "Current build system" as it is a number of Makefiles in which you need, manually, to add some defines.

What I have made is a generic package which just does not concerns itself with other arches than for GNU/Linux. If people wants to compile for *BSD or Solaris they can get the source tar-ball upstream. Also my package does not take into considerations to build clients for Windows or Mac OSX.

In my opinion it is a reasonable choice since the purpose of the package is to create deb-packages?

it seems a step back. Also consider that we have non-Linux based
ports as well, so if it does not build on those, bugs with patches
have to be submitted for the package...

For a test I have tried activating the other arch options but it did not make any difference - the ran as expected on Debian.

Which non-linux versions are you referring to? If the compile with option -std=c99 and -pedantic showing no warnings or errors the ought to be able to compile on any arch with gcc-4.1. Only dependency for building it is libc6.

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