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Re: Remove cdrtools

Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> writes:

> The *real* problem with the whole autotools disaster is that it promotes
> a braindead idea of how to achieve portability: a #ifdef branch for
> every different system (or library version, or whatever), strewn
> throughout the entire codebase. Real portability involves understanding
> your target systems, learning where the rough edges and corner cases
> are, and developing proper abstractions to work around them. Oh, and
> actually learning the standard version of the language (if there is
> one), and being able to distinguish between "this is what the language
> says it will do" and "works for me".

Use of gnulib can help with this.  It provides a number of useful
abstractions that can help to avoid #ifdefs in some common
Ben Pfaff 
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