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Re: Remove cdrtools

Alle Friday 11 August 2006 22:51, Joerg Jaspert ha scritto:
> reassign 377109 ftp.debian.org
> retitle 377109 RM: cdrtools -- RoM: non-free, license problems
> thanks
> Hi guys,
> ok well, as JS stays with an interpretation of CDDL and GPL that the
> whole world does not follow (all wrong, of course :) ), lets go and
> fix this. The sane way is to remove cdrtools from Debian main
> (unstable) and add a free replacement, most possible a fork from the
> last free version (which had only the CDDL licensed build scripts,
> which can easily be replaced by some automake thing). If you want to
> join that effort - contact me.

The fork-team can look at http://www.arklinux.org/projects/dvdrtools, a 
100% free fork of cdrtools.
The SVN is inactive from 6 month, but the autotool-ization is already 
done and it can write on DVDs, and probably is better than starting 
another fork.

One interesting thing on this project is that they want to turn 
important functionality into a shared library for improve the access 
from the various frontends.


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