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Re: Packaging software which does not use autotools

Michael Rasmussen wrote:
Hi list,

I have some questions I hope some of you have an answer for.

I intend to package a peace of software which does not use autotools but only has a plain Makefile.

1) Can I use dh_make?
I don't think so, I hardly use debhelper but I think dh_make is used when a compilation follows ./configure make make install
2) Does Debian policy have something to say about it?
You can package a piece of code and you have to create a debian/rules, you are not limited to debhelper, so, if you create a debian/rules without any dh_* there are no problem, but i think that will be hard to find an sponsor.
3) Would it be ok if I converted it to use autotools my self?
4) The project seems to be abandoned by the developers - I have send more than one email with no response. Would it be in conflict with the Debian Policy if a adopt the software - it has been released under GPL so I guess it would be ok to do a fork?
Well, If you do a fork why do not use in your fork autotools? this only depends to you. If you do a fork you will release it under the GPL and there are no problems to include into debian.

Carlos C Soto :: eclipxe

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