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Re: udev vs ldap at startup

Brian May a écrit :
> So that probably would explain why I can no longer log in as root when
> the NSS LDAP server is down, even with LDAP PAM support disabled and
> files is listed before ldap in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

I run in a similar problem a few days ago.
I misconfigured /etc/nsswitch.conf by putting:
passwd:         ldap compat
group:          ldap compat
shadow:         ldap compat

Then, I've been unable to start the userspace. I mean, even
with 'init=/bin/bash' on the kernel cmdline, it did not work
(ie it hung up).
It took me some time to find what happened. As this was during
an upgrade (from stable), I hadn't any hints about why the init
(or the bash init process) was hang up. I suspected a kernel bug
before thinking to ldap.

I change the /etc/nsswitch.conf to:
passwd:         compat
group:          compat
shadow:         compat
and now, it works fine (ldap is handled by pam)

But some kind of warning or timeout with error message on the console
when ldap was not answering would have been very helpful.

  Best regards,

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