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Re: NMU for mantis - new upstream and some bugfixes

Daniel Knabl wrote:
> If my "work" is welcome - as I hope - then I will try to go on with
> it.  If it is NOT, or if it is of too low quality, then just ignore my
> tries.

The quality is not really a big issue here, it can be improved with
time.  What I would like to see is some degree of commitment for
maintaining mantis in the future, or helping co-maintain it, if the
original maintainer comes back.

If this is the case, I'd be happy to sponsor your work, but I would
first take some time to look at your package, but my availability atm is
low, as I am in holidays. I could look at it, maybe on monday, and then
work with you until it is ready for upload. 

In the meantime you might want to look at my sponsoring checklist, taken
from other sponsors, at the bottom of my wiki page:
http://wiki.debian.org/AmayaRodrigo and maybe fix some common mistakes
this weekend. Specially as this is a new upstream release, a thorough
look at the licenses and files in the source, making sure there are no
files there under a different license, would be great. Check:
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2003/12/msg00007.html and
http://ganneff.de/blog/2005/10/23#new for great insight on this.

On the other hand if you are able to find a quicker sponsor in the
meantime, just go ahead. I suggest using the debian-mentors mailing
list for this.

Thanks for giving mantis some love!

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