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Re: NMU for mantis - new upstream and some bugfixes

Am Fri, 11 Aug 2006 16:37:28 +0200 schrieb Daniel Knabl

> The files:
> http://knabl.com/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-4.0.diff.gz
> http://knabl.com/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-4.0.dsc
> http://knabl.com/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-4.0_all.deb
> http://knabl.com/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-4.0_i386.changes
> http://knabl.com/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4.orig.tar.gz

So, I have mixed up something, sorry for that.

If it is the right way (for a NMU) then the version should be changed
too? In this case there are new files available here:


No matter, if I will ever be on the right level, I WILL continue to
try making contibutions. Please keep in mind, that I just want to
contribute, and I do NOT intend to become the new maintainer for
mantis. If there are people around, that can do this work in a better
way, then feel free to do so!

If my "work" is welcome - as I hope - then I will try to go on with it.
If it is NOT, or if it is of too low quality, then just ignore my tries.

kind regards

Daniel Knabl
www.tirolinux.net             daniel@tirolinux.net
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