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Re: Status of inetd for etch

On Aug 10, Roger Leigh <rleigh@whinlatter.ukfsn.org> wrote:

> * There is no inetd virtual package, so multiple daemons may be
There is no virtual package because aj (who is still the netbase
maintainer, even if he did not touch it in almost five years) mandated
that it should be introduced after the mitical rewriting of
IIRC three people (myself being the first of them) started rewriting
update-inetd, but nobody ever managed to finish. A few more volunteered
and then disappeared.

>   installed, all using the same configuration file.  Is this a use
>   case we really want to support?  Are there really setups running
>   multiple inetds for a good reason?  Having a virtual
A good reason usually is using features not available in a single
package (especially inetd vs. inetd).
It's not hard to manage anyway, my scheme allowed this.

> * netkit-inetd
I agree that it should be removed from the distribution, or at least
replaced by openbsd-inetd as the default inetd.

> * openbsd-inetd is the only drop-in replacement at this time
This is why I packaged it. :-)
BTW, openbsd-inetd also has the feature of not being started if
inetd.conf is empty.

>   - The other packages have different init script names or need some
>     work on the package dependencies (e.g. inetutils-inetd).  xinetd
>     is in the same situation, but also needs some work on update-inetd
>     before it will be suitable as a replacement.
ITYM "lots of work".

> * IPv6 transition
>   - Should individual packages be made to listen on both tcp4 and tcp6
>     sockets, or should this be done by the inetd itself, or even
>     update-inetd?
Only individual packages know if they support IPv6.

>   - Some inetds automatically listen on v6, whereas others need it
I call them "broken". I believe that administrators do not expect that
services are exposed to IPv6 connections unless they are configured this
way in inetd.conf.

>   Users upgrading from woody or sarge to etch will not be switched to
>   openbsd-inetd, whereas new installs will use it by default.
Did you actually test this?


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