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Re: Silly Packaging Problem

also sprach Bruce Sass <bmsass@shaw.ca> [2006.08.10.1959 +0100]:
> Such a utility would need to be shipped with dpkg, a 3rd party or random 
> DD implementing it would be silly for anything but local consumption.
> Is that the only problem?

If dpkg knew how to track files it did not directly install, of
course it would be of benefit. The question is how to let it know
which files are meant by this. I suppose DEBIAN/conffiles-(files
installed to /etc by the package) would work, but I'd be careful
about touching the "conffile" concept. Maybe DEBIAN/dynfiles --
since after all it (sh|w)ould be used for things like logfiles as
well. And it should be able to just take a directory, like
/var/lib/dpkg, assuming that everything underneath that directory
would be created by one package, dpkg in this case.

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