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Re: piuparts unprocessed failed logs page

ke, 2006-08-09 kello 11:45 -0700, Kevin B. McCarty kirjoitti:
> I was looking through these, and at least the following errors appear to
> be false positives for the given packages, caused only by some
> combination of x11-common, xcursor-themes, xutils (which leaves behind
> junk in /etc/X11/rstart), xlibs-data (which leaves things in
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons, looks like #362109 was already filed about
> this) and/or ttf-bitstream-vera.

Yeah, that happens a lot. piuparts can't know (or at least doesn't try;
anyone wanting to send an AI patch is welcome) which package it is that
actually fails, so if there's a package that lots of others depend on
(like xutils or the others), and that fails (and sometimes they fail
only when tested with packages that depend on them), there's a lot of
false positives. That's why logs are processed manually before bugs are

> Hope this is helpful.

Sure, thanks.

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