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Re: New source packages sometimes bypassing NEW?

* Kevin B. McCarty [Wed, 09 Aug 2006 15:42:10 -0700]:

> Hi all,

Hi Kevin,

> In splitting up the cernlib source package, I just uploaded three sets
> of .debs for new source packages "paw", "mclibs" and "geant321".  All of
> these new source packages produce binary .debs that previously were
> created from the cernlib source package.  That is, there are no new
> .debs, only source packages.

> Both paw and geant321 .debs/sources were ACCEPTED immediately (the
> message for paw, for instance, is forwarded below), while mclibs went
> into the NEW queue.  I had thought that new source packages are always
> pushed into NEW these days.  What accounts for this discrepancy, and is
> it something that should be looked into?

> (I'm certainly not complaining about paw and geant321 bypassing NEW,
> mind you, but the discrepancy might indicate something going wrong in
> the infrastructure.)

No, this is normal behavior of the software. If you look closer at your
uploads, you'll see that the two sources that did not hit NEW (paw and
geant321) had already binary packages in the archive with that name
(provided by cernlib), while there was no mclibs binary package.

Source overrides are looked up first in the binary override list, which
explains the behavior you observed.


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