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Re: release update: freeze, RC Bug count, python, toolchain

Le mercredi 9 août 2006 00:45, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> Full IPv6 support
> =================
> (...) Also
> stateful packet filtering should work for both protocols. 

As far as I know, in Linux kernel 2.6.17, *stateful* IPv6 filtering 
conflicts with the NAT IPv4 code (someone correct me if I'm wrong, and 
I'd love to be). I think not even the latest 2.6.18 git release 
supports both at the same time.

Nobody sane will debate the need to retain NAT support in Etch. Could 
someone clarify what the statement above actually means? I would not 
expect the kernel teams to provide a separate kernel image just for 
stateful filtering, so I guess it merely means iptables userland should 
support such custom compiled kernels, right?

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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