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Re: dresden-ocl missing orig.tar.gz


On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 14:50 -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
> 	I'm not quite sure how to report this. A user noted that
> whatever mirror he used to create his own mirror (using debmirror)
> he got a problem with dresden-ocl-1.0.1_orig.tar.gz. If he uses
> - --nosources then he can get the mirror.
> 	And the .orig is not around. Not quite sure how to report
> this, and I would be happy to know for future references. ;)

This is an instance of a known issue that occurs when packages move
between components - in this case, from contrib to main (bug #341858
against ftp.debian.org). Specifically, the uploaded source package
(.dsc, .debs and .diff.gz) are correctly placed in pool/main.
The .orig.tar.gz is already in the archive in its original location in

There are two means of resolving the issue - convince an ftpmaster to
fiddle the archive database or upload a new upstream version, and
therefore a new .orig.tar.gz. The latter is far easier, particularly if
there's a new upstream to upload anyway.

In this specific instance, the issue has already been reported, as
#367267 (also against ftp.d.o).



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