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Re: Pan in Sid

Hello Michael,

> I have notice yesterday that the version of Pan has been change to the  
> coming Pan version 2. For many reasons I find this a very annoying  
> decision, but these two reasons should cause it to be immediately  
> removed from the repository:
> 1) It is VERY unstable - constant freezes and crashes
> 2) When installing the old settings from Pan 1.x is not merge with Pan  
> 2.x in which case your settings are either lost or you have to merge  
> all settings manually.
> I hope the version of Pan is removed by the end of the day!

Thank you for your concern. I'm not sure which Debian package you're
talking about specifically.

However, such concerns should be taken up with the maintainer, through
the way of filing a bug report. Please file specific reports only, not
"crashes constantly" but specifically when you're experiencing a crash
so it can be dealt with.

The maintainer or the release team can decide on the basis of bug
reports that a specific version is not suitable for our next release and
will not be shipped. But it starts with filing those reports.
http://bugs.debian.org contains instructions on filing them.

Good luck!

Thijs Kinkhorst

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