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Re: Centralized darcs (was Re: centralized bzr)

On 06/08/06, Norbert Tretkowski <norbert@tretkowski.de> wrote:
* John Goerzen wrote:
> Darcs has a nice way of pushing patches via e-mail, with GPG
> signatures even.

That's the only feature I miss after I switched from darcs to


At last someone mentions mercurial.

This is a personal (developer/programmer, and packager)
(idiosyncratic) use case:

I tend to use darcs with darcs build package for debian builds.
But mercurial is so easy to set up and convenient to use, i end up
using it for both macro and micro development purposes, ...
(mercurial takes care of programming needs, darcs packaging)

If the darcs repository is contained with the directory
then that would be kept within a mercurial repository at ./.hg
and all trivial development changes, interim and otherwise
are tracked at that level the .hg repository including the
contents of _darcs.
(this making mercurial the macro and micro manager)

darcs commits and tagging occur only when the debian
package is to be built.

mercurial is fast, and pleasure to use.

darcs and mercurial, the ones that i want (and both).


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