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Howto: Package for Debain the “Easy” Way

     I just posted a blog: blog.thedebianuser.org/?p=13, where I outline how I feel:  that working through examples using .diff files teaches how to package better then trying to learn from documentation alone.  The blog isn't he most complete, but it outlines my basic idea.
    The reason I am telling to all about it is I would like to know your opinion on what I wrote.  It you feel it is a good idea, I may set up a wiki where I upload a few simple packages with their corresponding .diff files and show how to use the .diff file to properly build each package.  That approach may be helpful to people since it was most helpful with me.  I would just like to know what you think.  Thanks.
                                      Joseph Smidt

PS.  If you don't like the blog please don't rip it to pieces.  I'm honestly just trying to be helpful and make learning how to package easier.

       Joseph Smidt

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