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Re: Howto: Package for Debain the ???Easy??? Way

On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 09:18:39AM -0600, Joseph Smidt wrote:
>         I just posted a blog: blog.thedebianuser.org/?p=13, where I outline
>    how I feel:  that working through examples using .diff files teaches how
>    to package better then trying to learn from documentation alone.  The blog
>    isn't he most complete, but it outlines my basic idea.

  To be honest I have to say that the webpage you point people to as
 being the best resource isn't very good IMHO.  You already mention
 the New Maintainers guide and I think that does an excellent job
 showing you how to package something from start to finish.

  As a secondary comment I think your blog entries are good but they
 really really could benefit from some formatting changes.

   Having long paragraphs which are justified makes it hard to
 find the commands and output in the text.  Even something like
 using "<tt>command name</tt>" would help, but more would probably
 be even better.

>        The reason I am telling to all about it is I would like to know your
>    opinion on what I wrote.  It you feel it is a good idea, I may set up a
>    wiki where I upload a few simple packages with their corresponding .diff
>    files and show how to use the .diff file to properly build each package. 
>    That approach may be helpful to people since it was most helpful with me. 
>    I would just like to know what you think.  Thanks.

  Mostly people can see the diffs if they run "apt-get source foo",
 as the contents are mostly uninteresting to people unless they care
 about the package I can't say I think it is a great idea.

  However taking an interesting package and explaining what the
 preinst/postinst/etc files are doing might be fun.  Better than
 just saying "here is a 300 line .diff.gz file; isn't it great?"

>    PS.  If you don't like the blog please don't rip it to pieces.  I'm
>    honestly just trying to be helpful and make learning how to package
>    easier.

  Look at the debian-mentors list for tips/suggestions.  It has
 an audience who are probably more in touch as "beginners"...


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