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Re: Stuff the installer does which isn't done on upgrade....

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@fastmail.fm> writes:

> So upgraded systems don't get the benefits of certain changes to the installer's 
> defaults, or defaults in programs used by the installer.
> I first thought of this when I noticed the change in the default tuning for
> ext2 partitions created by mke2fs.  Notably, dir_index and filetype are turned
> on by default now; this was not always the case.  You used to need to put /proc
> and /sys in your fstab, but it's unneeded and silly now.  There are probably
> other changes like this floating around.  For instance, if we switch to mounting a
> tmpfs over /tmp in the installer, that will probably end up being another one.  

For dir_index you have to take the FS offline, tune2fs and fsck it or
you totaly corrupt it.

As for /tmp being tmpfs that should be optional and the default should
consider the amount of ram available. All low-mem cases will most
likely not want tmpfs.


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