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Re: huge wnpp bug report page


Am Freitag 04 August 2006 13:39 schrieb Adam D. Barratt:
> > I tried to take a look at the wnpp bug page but neither Konqueror
> > nor Firefox were able to handle it on my system.
> Really? Galeon handles it fine, as does Firefox (the latter on win32).

Really. Firefox gets veeeeery slow, konqueror needs ages to load the page 
(over a DSL line) and somewhere in between doesn't respond anymore. 

> > 3182462 bytes for the HTML code of a single web page is a bit much, isn't
> Possibly. It's also 25% greater than the size of the page you quoted
> (wgetting the page gives an output of 2634857 bytes).

Maybe, I looked at the code from firefox, maybe it made them absolute 
automatically (it didn't ask if it should :-( ).
Still, 2.5MB pure text+html is way too much.


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