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Stuff the installer does which isn't done on upgrade....

So upgraded systems don't get the benefits of certain changes to the installer's 
defaults, or defaults in programs used by the installer.

I first thought of this when I noticed the change in the default tuning for
ext2 partitions created by mke2fs.  Notably, dir_index and filetype are turned
on by default now; this was not always the case.  You used to need to put /proc
and /sys in your fstab, but it's unneeded and silly now.  There are probably
other changes like this floating around.  For instance, if we switch to mounting a
tmpfs over /tmp in the installer, that will probably end up being another one.  

Some of these can have substantial impact -- particularly dir_index, which has
never been mentioned in release notes.  I think they're all appropriate topics for
release notes: "things to do after rebooting" is probably the correct category.
Perhaps people could comment on other things like this which they've noticed
and we could get them into the next release notes, including anything which wasn't
covered on previous major upgrades?

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

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