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Re: thedebianuser.org started

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 08:26:41PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> Why don't you create a web ring and place banners everywhere? (seriously)

  There is a "promote debian" ring already:


  I like to see related sites linking to each other, and I
 like to see friendly cooperation and communication between
 Debian-community sites maintainers/users.

  That is something which I think does exist currently.
 I've heard from/chatted to several site-maintainers and
 everybody seems very keen on promoting resources for the
 benefit of the *users* rather than the site-owners.
 (Only one minor exception.)

  But having said that I'm not personally a fan of web-rings.

  Mostly because you have no control over the quality of the
 other sites which join.  By having a lot of big sites join
 you're implicitly endorsing the ring and the other members of
 that ring, sight-unseen.  If I want to endorse a site I want
 to do so knowingly.

  Still I think there are probably valuable Debian-friendly, or
 Debian-community sites/pages which could do with more promotion
 and recognition.  I guess the Debian wiki is a good starting point:



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