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Re: How to properly close a non-existent bug?

close 369605

"Francisco Moya" <fco.moya@gmail.com> writes:
> Package zeroc-icee-translators lists an outstanding bug #369605 filed
> 63 days ago.  I don't know how to properly handle this situation
> since: 
> - It was actually a bug report against package zeroc-ice. 

No, it wasn't. it was against zeroc-icee-translators, because you
generated binary packages that were unuseable on some hppa. Iff
zeroc-ice wasn't intended to be built on hppa (which was what I assumed
back then), you should have removed hppa from the arch list for

> - There was a zeroc-ice version which failed to compile on some
> architectures (bug #360482) 
> but a patch was applied  well before #369605 was filled.

Right, but the package didn't get built.

> The only thing that could be infered from the buildd logs was that the
> latest zeroc-ice was not yet compiled.

Right. I didn't check the changelog of the source upload, as hppa had
always failed to build before.

> Should #369605 be merged into #360482?

No, different bugs.

> Should #369605 be closed using an email?

Yes, done.

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