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How to properly close a non-existent bug?


Package zeroc-icee-translators lists an outstanding bug #369605 filed 63 days ago.  I don't know how to properly handle this situation since:

- It was actually a bug report against package zeroc-ice.  zeroc-icee-translators depends on any version of the binary icecpp package, from zeroc-ice source. Package zeroc-ice was reported to not compile on HPPA.

- There was a zeroc-ice version which failed to compile on some architectures (bug #360482) but a patch was applied  well before #369605 was filled. For some reason the automatic build system took from Apr 13 to June 9 to compile the HPPA package and thus precluded the automatic building of all dependant packages.

- The actual wording of #369605 is wrong since it states that zeroc-ice did not build on HPPA by May 31. The only thing that could be infered from the buildd logs was that the latest zeroc-ice was not yet compiled.

Should #369605 be merged into #360482?
Should #369605 be closed using an email?

Thanks for your help,

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