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Re: Translated packages descriptions progress

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On 07/30/2006 03:26 AM, Michael Vogt wrote:
> Dear Friends,

Hi Michael,

> the current version of apt in debian/experimental has support for
> translated package descriptions and we have a the current translations
> available for sid on the mirrors (currently not on ftp.debian.org 
> itself because of the mirror split I suspect).

	In a couple of mirrors that I checked, the translations look
a little bit out-of-date (from May.2006), is this expected and for
now the idea is just have it for tests, or we will have it being
update automagically (which would be wonderful). :-)

> This means that everyone with non-english locales will get translated
> packages descriptions on the next "apt-get update" run if they install
> the apt from experimental. Synaptic and aptitude have support for this
> feature as well, python-apt and others will follow soon.

	That's great.

> Please help testing the new code and report problems and/or
> success. It should be enough to install apt, python-apt, synaptic from
> experimental and if your LANG is set to something other than C it
> should download the appropriate translation indexes and displays them
> with apt-cache or synaptic (warning: not everything is translated
> yet).

	It is already based on the recent work of Michael Bramer (grisu)?

> I think this is a important step forward for a fully localized system
> and I'm pretty excited about it.

	As a translator, I'm very happy to hear news on this field again.

> The ddtp system was developed by Michael Bramer, the code in apt is
> based on the work of Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> who
> implemented a patch against apt for The translated package
> descriptions where imported by Anthony Towns for sid. Thanks to all
> of you :) And to the busy translators who work on making that happen!
> More information:
> * the first announcement I was able to find:
>   http://lwn.net/2002/0103/a/deb-ddtp.php3
> * original announcement about apt-i18n: http://lwn.net/Articles/34753/
> The ddtp project is hosted at http://ddtp.debian.net/. You can view
> the status of the various package descriptions via the webpage. If you
> want to help translating, please to the following:
>  1. send a Mail to pdesc@ddtp.debian.net with the subject 'GET 3 cs'
>     (use cs da de eo es fi fr hu it ja nl pl pt_BR pt_PT ru sk sv_SE
>      uk as langcode)
>  2. you get a mail from the ddtp server with three untranslated
>     descriptions.
>  3. Translate the descriptions
>  4. send this as mail attachments back to pdesc@ddtp.debian.net

	I have a few doubts, because I would like to ask the Brazilian
Portuguese Team to start working on it again, so here they go:

	The review process is the same?

	There are also "coordinators" with special commands to the
	pdesc server? (At least for Brazilian team, we will need to
	update that address).

	Is there anything else that we could do to help DDTP?

	We exchange a lot of ideas about the DDTP during DebConf6,
we also tried to add this as a "pet release goal" for etch, but for
quite a while now, there were no news, thanks for this report. :-)

	There are also plans to work on DDTP as part of the Debian
i18n infrastructure, I'm very happy with the news and I'm cc:ing
- -i18n because I really would like to keep information in sync and
also all the efforts that I know we have on that matter.

> Cheers,
>  Michael

	Kind regards,

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