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Re: cdrtools

Anthony DeRobertis wrote:

>Erast Benson wrote:
>> I do not need to make the build system 
>> available under GPL (GPL §3 requires me to make it available but does
>> not mention a license) 

>GPL 3(a) requires the "complete corresponding source code [be]
>distributed under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above....". GPL 3
>defines the source code to include the "the scripts used to control
>compilation and installation of the executable."

Again a person who tries to bend the GPL to his wishes......

You should better _read_ the GPL and try to understand it.

GPL §2 defines what the "work" is and requres to publish the whole 
work under the GPL in case that that work incorporates other 
peoples work under GPL. (*)

The GPL allows to publish "the scripts used to control 
compilation and installation of the executable." under _any_ license
as the scripts are not part of the "work".

Note it is unclear whether the makefiles could be called "scripts"
and that in case of cdrtools, the build system is even a _different_ 
"work" that has been published _before_ the first cdrecord came out.

*) It does not even require to publish the whole work under the GPL 
in case that you add code to a GPL project! In this case the added
code may under _any_ license (even Closed source).

AGAIN: If you like to understant/interpret a contract like the GPL,
you need to read it carefully word by word and are not allowed to 
add claims that are not written in the GPL.


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