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Re: cdrtools

Eduard Bloch wrote:
>#include <hallo.h>
>* Kevin Bube [Fri, Jul 07 2006, 11:29:21AM]:
>> Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:
>> > * Adam Borowski [Fri, Jul 07 2006, 10:38:32AM]:
>> >> * dvdrtools, a fork of the last GPLed version, is in non-free
>> >
>> > Please look at dvdrtools' files, eg. cdrecord.c before claiming that.
>> What is wrong with that? The blurb [1] seems quite okay (i.e. GPL) to
>> me.
>Grep for "not.allowed" and decide yourself whether such remarks are
>applicable to the GPL (as applicable in your country).

OK.  Here are the "not allowed" elements in dvdrtools:

First, cdrecord.c:
                 * Warning: you are not allowed to modify or to remove
                 * version checking code!

This is false and unacceptable.  I believe this constitutes an error on the 
part of the dvdrtools upstream maintainer, who thought he'd forked from 
before this was introduced.  I suggest reporting this upstream and seeing if 
there's an earlier version which it can be forked from.


These are all shim layers for interfacing with different kernels' 
implementations of SCSI.

My suspicion is that the best move would be to replace this library entirely.  
Doesn't the Linux kernel have a fairly clean and reasonable interface to 
CD-ROMs these days?

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