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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On Jul 28, John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:

> Some things that have been done since I joined debian:
>  * apt
>  * unified menu system
>  * debconf
>  * debian-installer
These were innovations, when they were introduced long ago.

>  * buildd.debian.net
>  * pbuilder
>  * srcinst
Where is the innovation?
(Hint: slackware is not a term of reference.)

>  * xen integration
Everybody that matters is doing this.
BTW, where is this integration visible?
Do we have a VM provisioning system?

>  * selinux integration
Everybody is doing this too, and by looking at the wiki page about it
I'd say that we are not doing very well since after years there are
still packages which do not work correctly and apparently lots of manual
fiddling is required.

>  * cron-apt
Where is the innovation? Red Hat had something like this long ago.

>  * x.org integration
I wonder if we use the same definition of "innovation", because x.org
integration in Debian happened very late when compare to other

>  * signed packages
Come on... this is something which rpm-based distributions have been
doing for ages.
Innovation is not "implementing new stuff" but "*inventing* new stuff".

>  * {svn,arch,darcs,bzr}-buildpackage
>  * packages.qa.debian.org
Let's count these as innovation.
(All development tools... may we have a pattern here?)

>  * lintian
lintian has existed since 1998.

>  * package pools
>  * testing
And testing is quite old as well.


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