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Re: lilypond and python

Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org> writes:

>> You're telling me that if I "use debian/pyversions" and the rest of
>> that, whatever it is, then lilypond scripts and user code which
>> depends on python 2.4 will automagically get it even though it uses #!
>> on ordinary "python"?  This sounds like it's what you're saying, but I
>> find it hard to see how that could be what's happening.
> yes, that's true; and I and many more people have stated and restated
> so in this thread; even if it didn't, nothing was blocking you from
> going ahead and doing it by hand.

No, people have said many different things.

Some have suggested patching lilypond to call python2.4, depending on
python2.4, and not bothering with python-central and pyversions and

And now, it sounded as if using pyversions and such meant that I
didn't need to patch anything to call python2.4, which amazes me,
given scripts that call /usr/bin/python directly.  How will that work,
because I sure don't understand that.

> I agree with you that the delay in having python2.4 become the default
> has no good reasoning, but then again, it seems like you're just
> trolling away. I even gave you two packages for you to look at as
> examples...

I don't think you understand.  A workaround costs me lots of time to
get in place.  I'm perfectly clear about how to go about installing a
workaround.  The question is, is the work worth it?


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