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lilypond and python

I have been criticized for not uploading the new lilypond packages and
being quite a bit behind the public releases.  Unfortunately, the
current lilypond requires python 2.4, and expects to call it as
"python", not just in the build process, but at run time.

I had been assuming that the python team was telling me the truth when
they said that python-defaults would be updated to 2.4 very soon.
Indeed, the relevant wishlist bug on python 2.4 has been marked
"pending" for some time now, which seems to be not quite the truth.
Perhaps it's not a lie, but I have no way to judge and have been
stymied by the utter lack of responsiveness by the python team in
response to queries.

If the python team had told me, months ago, that it would be months
before python-defaults was updated, I would have then begun work on a
workaround for lilypond.  But I was trusting that it was really a
quick matter, at least, that's what people told me.  Unfortunately,
the python-defaults maintainer ignores all mail on the subject.

So, let me make plain: I am entirely happy to accept a workaround
patch for lilypond's current upstream stable release that will make it
build and use python 2.4 even when that is not installed as "python".
If such a functional patch appears and is mailed to the appropriate
lilypond bug, it would immediately become a high priority matter for
me to upload it.  I have wanted to do so for months.

But I don't alas, have the time to spend on a workaround patch myself,
which will (supposedly) become obselete very quickly.


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