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New Naming Convention

Title: New Naming Convention

I currently do not subscribe to the mailing lists. So I don't know if this has been considered.

I want to offer a suggestion for a new distro naming convention. I have enjoyed the Toy Story names. But perhaps it has run it's course. We have used 10 toy stoy names over a period of 10 years. That is a good round number and would be a logical place to start anew.

If Debain were to name the new testing branch "Andy" (the owner of all the toys). That would make a good ending point and when it is moved to stable, a new naming convention could be instituted for the testing and unstable branches.

I propose that Debian continue along the same vein with characters from a different Pixar movie. IMO, Finding Nemo makes a lot of sense. It has a lot of named characters that will provide years of distro names. The unstable branch could be forgetful "dory" or undiciplined "darla".

That is just a simple suggestion that I wanted to submit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and pass it along for consideration.



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